• Application of New Student's Admission 2023-2024
    Online Briefing Session: 29-10-2022
    Date of Interview: Saturday, 5-11-2022
    Date of Registration: 5-7th January, 2023

  • The School Open Day for Enrollment on 27Anustg, 2022

  • Elementi Education Organization

    Love and Caring Children’s Activities on Special Holiday 2021-2022
    Let’s live in Faith Hope and Love!

  • The Education Bureau announced on Monday, 28-2-2022 that the school’s summer holiday 2021-2022 will be arranged earlier in March and April this year. The special holiday starts from Monday, 14-3-2022 connecting to the Easter holiday and ends on Wednesday, 20-4-2022. There will be the teacher development day taking place on Friday, 21-4-2022, all classes will resume on Monday 23-4-2022. Please take note that the 2021/22 year will be postponed to end on 12-8-2022.

    During the special holidays, the school will maintain communication and contact with parents through the followings:

    Please feel free to contact the school office for any questions and enquires.
    Thank you for parents’ attention.

  • 2022-2023 DVEKG K1 Briefing Sessions of Admission Day
    Parents are welcome to sign up to learn more about the uniqueness school program.
    Content of Briefing Sessions:
    Introduction of the school's curriculum
    Date: 27.11.2021 (Saturday)
    Time: 12:00 – 1:00pm
    Media: Video Interactive presented by Zoom

    For any enquiries, please call: 2256 1812 / 22561808

  • Application for the 2021/22 for Kindergarten K1 / Pre-Nursery Class N1 Admission and Registration
    Parents are offered 3 methods of media for attending interview as follows:

    Interview (1) : In person session
    Date of Interview: Saturdays, 6-11- 2021 (K1) & 4-12-2021 (N1)
    Duration of Interview: 15 minutes per session according to the schedule of appointment
    Remarks: Child is accompanied by one family member who must present a valid vaccination pass and RAT negative test record.

    Interview (2): By Video Submission
    Contents of the Video: A 3-minute video of the activity was filmed by parents at home for their children.
    The video must show---
    - Child’s speaking ability
    - Child’s ability to listen to instructions and respond
    - Child’s mobility of motoring skills
    - Child's personality, preferences and abilities are verbally presented by parents
    - Parent’s views and concerns on educating their child
    Submission: WhatsApp No. 6171 5498
    Date of submission: On or before 12-11- 2021 (K1) and 4-12-2021 (N1)

    Interview (3): Online Interview. (via ZOOM )
    Date of Interview: Saturdays, 13-11- 2021 (K1 ) & 11-12-2021 (N1)
    Time of Interview : to be assigned by the school office (the school will notify the ID and password of ZOOM on the day before the interview).
    - Preset ZOOM APP
    - Prepared items (household items, toys, food and building blocks) that will be notified by school office via WhatsApp
    - Arrange the child in front of the camera

    Remarks: Children must be accompanied by parents to attend the Zoom meeting.The teacher meets child on ZOOM, gives the child simple instructions to follow and complete the activity. Parent will also be interviewed by teacher at the end of Interview.